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New Prices for 2013

Starting January 27, 2013, new prices will go into effect for some USPS products and services.

The new prices for First-Class Mail and service pricing include:
First-Class Mail, one ounce: 46 cents
First-Class Mail postcard: .33 cents
Stamped postcards: .37 cents.
Electronic Return Receipt $1.25

Certificate of mailing: $1.20

New domestic retail pricing for Priority Mail Flat Rate products:

1.  Small box: $5.80
2.  Medium box: $12.35
3.  Large Box: $16.85
4.  Large AO/FPO box: $14.85
5.  Regular envelope: $5.60
6.  Legal envelope: $5.75
7.  Padded envelope: $5.95

* Other changes include a new offering – a First-Class Mail Global Forever stamp that will allow customers to mail letters up to two ounces to Canada and up to one ounce anywhere elese in the world for a set price of $1.10.

* Customers can obtain lower prices for Priority Mail and other types of expedited products when purchasing them online.

For additional information go to

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Most children’s wish-lists during the holidays contain a laundry-list of the latest electronics and gadgets, but for those under the care of Child Protective Service (CPS) Assessment Center here in Houston the one and only thing they wished for was the gift of a bicycle.

The children’s wish got fulfilled by the employees at Westbrae Station who pitched in and collectively bought 15 bicycles for all age groups. The bicycles were presented to the center on Wednesday, December 12.

Each year the employees at Westbrae Station give to different individuals from their service area; however, this year they decided to adopt an organization – an organization that looks after needy children; the Houston Assessment Center was the receiving agency.

Speaking to Houston InsideOut about the donation, Letter Carrier Kim Washington who coordinates the holiday gift drive with Sharon Duhon said, “Five employees donated a bicycle each while others chipped-in as they could to purchase the other 10 bicycles. We gave them toys last year but they asked for bikes this year. We have adopted them and would continue to work with them until we decide to support another organization.”

“I want to thank the Postal Service for the bikes. You don’t know how much these bikes mean to the children. They have been asking for bikes and now we have bikes. That means our Christmas party this year will have a different flavor to it. I can not express my gratitude in words and that of the Assessment Center because it means so much to the children,” said Diane Pena, the director of the Assessment Center.

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PACE – Positive Attitudes Change Everything

“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.” These words of wisdom by the late Mother Teresa capture the essence of what some Postal employees at the Barbara Jordan Processing and Distribution Center have been doing for the past 22 years; spending over $100,000 of their salaries reaching out to schoolchildren and other needy members of Houston.

In 1990, a group of coworkers (Alvin Pouncey, Jr., Floyd Williams, JJ Robertson, Earl Nixon, Rev. James Hicks, and Erica Larkin) formed an organization named Positive Attitude Changes Everything (PACE) to provide a gift of love and compassion to those who need it most in the community.

robertsonJJAccording to PACE’s President JJ Robertson, the organization currently has 60 members and is open to any Houston District employee “willing to give back to the community and pay an annual membership fee of $20.”

He said children are the most in need; and what PACE does every year is adopt a school in low-income areas during the holidays. PACE provides toys valued at $5 or 2-$2 bills for every child in that school. “We leave no child out and we give every child a gift,” Robertson added.

Also speaking to Houston InsideOut, the treasurer Harold Williams noted that the schools have population of 550 to 1,000 students each and PACE has given holiday gifts to more than 15,000 school children since its inception.

Holiday gift-giving is not the only way the organization impacts the community. For the past 20 years, it has been conducting a annual “back-to-school” supply drive. “We have also supported Manda Ann Nursing Home, Stand Down Veteran Homes and  Women’s Shelters across Houston,” Williams stated.

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Panther Creek joins in charity for soldiers in Afghanistan

PantherCreekSoldiersAs a way of demonstrating their appreciation and regard for American men and women in the deserts and trenches of war, managers and employees at Panther Creek Station have teamed up with Every-Soldier-Deserves-A-Care-Package, a non-profit organization, to ensure that American soldiers in Afghanistan receive care packages at various times of the year.

 For instance so far this holiday season, about 800 care packages have been mailed to various duty stations to soldiers serving in the Afghan War. And more are being prepped for mailing. The partnership, which began four years ago, has seen to the mailing of more than 4,800 care packages to soldiers in Afghanistan, according to Christina Calderaro who coordinates the charity.

 Full of praise for the Panther Creek Station employees and the residents of Panther Creek, a village in the Woodlands, for their commitment to the care package project, Calderaro recounted that she normally sent care packages to her sister who served in Afghanistan; but as time went on her sister would send names and addresses of her friends who needed care packages and had no one to provide them.

 “When we started we approached the Panther Creek Station and residents for assistance. The Postal Service has allowed us to set up a table during holidays. What happens is that when anyone approaches us, we explain to them that we have care packages for soldiers in Afghanistan and ask if they could pay postage for the packages. They have always paid the postage,” Calderaro said.

 “We have spent over $61,000 in postage since we started thanks to the generosity of Panther Creek residents. We do not have money, but we have the desire and dedication to package all the care items which are donations from people. Employees at Panther Creek Station donated 45 boxes of candies for this holiday mailing. They have been with us from the beginning. We cannot express our gratitude enough to the Postal Service for allowing us do what we do,” she added.

 Her sister, Tari Hedgecoth who served in Afghanistan and came up with the idea, stated that those care packages come handy when there is no time for lunch in an 18-hour duty post, having experienced firsthand their usefulness. “There are soldiers out there fighting for America who need care packages but could not have them. What I do is to ask different units that I established contacts with to send names and addresses of soldiers that need care packages. I turn the information over to my sister and we solicit items and ship to them.”


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Windmill Station Honors Employees

WindmillCarriersEmployees at Windmill Station recently celebrated as four colleagues received their million mile awards for accident-free professional driving. The four honorees were Michael Heredia (42 years of service), Saul Vega Sr. (35 years of service), Mark Jalufka (34 years of service), and Rudolph Luna (32 years of service). The fifth million-miler, 36-year veteran Guillermo Robles, was unavailable. In addition, nine other employees received service pins.

 Safety Specialist Jane Reeves thanked the employees on behalf of the Houston District Safety Office for driving 30 years each without an accident and expressed the hope that their colleagues would copy their good examples.

 All the million mile award recipients agreed that “being very careful while driving, being alert to their surroundings, and watching out for wrong moves by other drivers” are key ingredients for accident-free driving. Heredia cautions colleagues to “be alert because there are some crazy drivers out there,” while Jalufka added that “Safety is paramount.” For Vega Sr. and Luna accident-free driving boils down to “having the right attitude and realizing that an accident could have tragic consequences.”

 Of the nine employees who received service pins, five were for 25 years, three for 30 years and one for 35 years of service. Linda Ramirez, who received the 35-year pin, said the Postal Service has been good to her, adding that “from the very beginning I have enjoyed this job. It is a good job and I love coming to work every day.”

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Ashford West Station Honors Veterans


During a recent veterans’ day celebration, Ashford West Station did not leave its platoon hanging.

 Management and employees put together a benefitting ceremony for the 19 veterans that work at the station – just a way of saying thank-you for all their selfless sacrifices to ensure our liberty and freedom.



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EastwoodChristmasThe smiles on the faces of more than 50 children brought light to  the joy within these little ones as they came out to receive their Christmas gifts provided by Eastwood Station employees.

 During a ceremony at the station on Friday, December 21, 2012, Station Manager Stephen White acknowledged the presence of 12 out of 15 elementary schools within the four zones serviced by Eastwood. He also commended the NALC Steward Willie Thomas for cooking free holiday breakfast for all the employees.

After refreshment of sandwiches, chili hotdogs and drinks, the elementary students received their gifts ; gifts that were provided by employees of Eastwood Station utilizing a wish-list provided by each school.

“I know that we live in high-poverty area and these postal workers are doing this out of the generosity of their hearts. We as teachers are very appreciative and I believe the families really appreciate it. I just want to thank you all for putting smiles on the faces of these children,” said Maria Alvarado, a counselor at Carrillo Elementary School.

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2013BestinSafetyGiving honor to whom honor is due is a worthy and deserving act. That is exactly what the United States Postal Service – Southern Area did for the Houston District in recognition of its performance in reducing on-the-job injuries and acquiring the number one-spot among 14 districts in the Southern Area; an accomplishment documented through an audit by the Office of Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) for Fiscal Year 2012.

Houston District, which also ranked fourth among all districts in the nation, was awarded a plaque for keeping recordable OSHA injuries and illnesses below the goal of 3.92. The district’s OSHA score for Fiscal Year 2012 was 3.79.

The functional areas of the district that made the OSHA goal achievable were – offices under MPOO area 3 (Teresa Brady), North Houston, Barbara Jordan GPO and Beaumont Plants. Other contributors include the VMF and the district headquarters.

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Houston District Maintenance #1 in the Nation

 The Houston District Maintenance Department, comprised of the maintenance staffs at Houston P & DC, North Houston P & DC, Beaumont P & DF, Bryan PO, and Houston DDC ranked at or near the top in maintenance performance indicators for most of FY 2012.  YTD the Houston District is holding the #1 ranking ahead of the Albuquerque and Rio Districts.  Maintenance rankings measure AFCS, DBCS, and AFSM 100 ‘Jams per 10K’, DBCS and AFSM 100 ‘Mechanical Rejects’, and DBCS ‘Out of Sequence’ performances. 

 Being #1 is no small feat considering Houston is just one of seventy-two districts throughout the nation measured in Maintenance performance. Of the seventy-two districts, the Southern Area has seven districts ranked in the top twenty and own three out of the top four spots (Houston, Rio, Oklahoma).

 Maintaining this sustained level of excellence is a testament to the hard work and dedication by the employees who maintain and repair the equipment and the attention to detail demonstrated by the Houston District leadership.  Through this type of coordinated effort and commitment, the Postal Service will prosper and continue to be a viable, self-sustaining entity for future generations.

 Congratulations Houston District Maintenance Team for your outstanding achievement!  You are worthy of recognition and your efforts are appreciated.





*The photographs represent only a fraction of the men and women who made this achievement possible

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Houston District Float in Pasadena Parade


Spectators at the City of Pasadena annual Christmas Parade never expected to see – and did not hide their excitement about – a USPS float at the 2012 parade ceremony.

The float and the USPS team  was a  welcomed surprise  December 1 on Fairmont Avenue and to confirm their excitement at the end of the parade, a spectator came over  to meet the team, expressing his sincere appreciation for our participation, saying “In my 20 years of participating in the Pasadena Christmas Parade, this is the first time the Post Office participated. I am very happy to see you guys. Please come again next year.”PasadenaParade2

Houston District joined in the parade to mark the 100th anniversary of the Operation Santa with a 16-foot wide banner, informing the spectators about the age of the Letters to Santa program, leading its float followed by carriers and managers and a flexible fuel efficient (FFE) delivery truck. The truck was ornamented with Christmas lights; a four-foot package on the roof of the truck, while a lighted effigy of a dog sat in front of the package.

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