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Highlighting the Houston District

30 years of service: you got to love it!


In 1986, we all enjoyed the hit song, “That’s What Friends Are For” by Dionne Warwick, Elton John and Gladys Knight. It was the same year that Isabelo Vivar (second from left) and Carolyn McFarland (second from right) entered the U.S. Postal Service. Recently, they received 30-year service awards from North Houston P&DC Supervisor of Distribution Alisa Thomas, left, and Manager of Distribution Operations Sherrell Smith.
















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Debra Brandyberg recognized with a special achievement award



Even though her home was flooded and she lived in a hotel, Houston Post Office Operations Manager Debra Brandyberg, (center), never stop working, and continued to take care of her offices, and customers. For these efforts, Debra was recognized with a Special Achievement Award. Two executives made the presentation and they were Southern Area Vice President Shaun Mossman, (left) and District Manager Kim Quayle.


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Myron Kelly accepts award for excellent performance


Houston’s Post Office Operations Manager Myron Kelly accepts an award for delivering top-notch service to customers throughout the district. Presenting this prestigious award include from left,  Area Vice President Shaun Mossman and District Manager Kim Quayle. In her own words, DM Quayle said: “Mr. Kelly’s work ethic is exceptional and he displays a willingness to work as necessary to manage his team effectively. Mr. Kelly’s commitment to the organization can be measured in that he was the candidate of choice to lead the Houston District mini LOC process with 3 LOCS to improve performance associated with LDC 22.  Mr. Kelly is an exceptional leader and will be an asset to any organization with whom he might choose to associate.”



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Kelvin Dansby receives area, district recognition


Houston’s Marketing Manager Kelvin Dansby accepts a special achievement award for his relentless effort in supporting the district’s functional goals. Making the presentation at a recent business review in Houston were Southern Area Shaun Mossman, left, and District Manager Kim Quayle.

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Chris Frier receives special achievement award


Houston Finance Manager Chris Frier accepts an award for outstanding service, from Area Vice President Shaun Mossman, left and District Manager Kim Quayle. In her words, DM Quayle said: “Since the beginning of Quarter 3, the Houston district has reduced over 42,000 hours of penalty overtime in Function 2B since week 27 vs SPLY. This equates to a savings of over $2 Million.  Also during this time, the Houston district ranked as the #1 district in the country in reduction of POT hours vs SPLY.  As the district finance manager, Mr. Frier was instrumental in taking the lead to drive penalty overtime performance during weekly telecoms and daily report outs.  Mr. Frier is being recognized for his leadership during this time.”



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Jessica Carter recognized for exquisite performance



Jessica Carter, (center) the Houston District Manager’s Confidential Secretary, accepts a Special Achievement Award for outstanding performance, from Southern Area Vice President Shaun Mossman and Houston District Manager Kim Quayle. In her own words, DM Kim Quayle expressed her appreciation for Jessica: Overall Ms. Carter comes across as sincere and credible.  She actively directs activities specific to suspense items and calendar coordination not only for the District Manager but also for all the direct reports in the Houston District.  Ms. Carter has consistently provided stability in areas within her control allowing for seamless leadership transition with minimal disruption in the Houston District.  Ms. Carter has maintained a productive and respectful environment for all employees. Ms. Carter will be a strong asset to an organization she might choose to associate with. Thanks for your help.”


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LaPorte letter carriers save accident victim


On June 21st, La Porte Carriers Irwin Derrick (18 years with USPS) and Joseph Gordon (17 years with USPS) assisted at a vehicle accident on 225 in Pasadena.

They were off duty and heading to a monthly Union Meeting when they came upon the vehicle accident. A woman was hanging out the driver side of her car.  She was pinned underneath the car which was on its side. Carriers Gordon and Derrick, along with a citizen that had also stopped to assist, managed to lift the car upright and off of her.  After the woman was taken by ambulance, the Police Officers on the scene told them that they had saved the woman’s life.

Anthony Jones, Postmaster, La Porte, presented Carriers Derrick and Gordon with an honor certificate on Friday July 15th, and the La Porte Post Office employees celebrated with cake and punch to honor their bravery.

In the photo at right are Irwin Derrick (left) and Joseph Gordon.


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It only takes one


Pearland TX T-7 Clerk, Belinda Wagner is familiar with the Clerks Care Program. Her previous experience paid off quite well. Belinda works with customers each day and is the front line contact for several lead opportunities. On one particular occasion, Belinda identified one lead that was a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! Her customer, Jesse Casner is the owner of a firm that sells the liquid for e-cigarettes. Each day, he mails several hundred small First-Class packages. Belinda asked him if he’d like a more efficient mailing solution. He said, “yes” and Belinda contacted USPS Sales Executive Ken Lenzy, and he met Casner and provided with a way to save money and become more efficient with his mailing

Ken worked with Jesse to show him the benefits of using the Postal Service. He also explained how our shipping services would meet his mailing needs. As a result of Ken’s experience and expertise, Jesse began shipping priority and international shipments with USPS. This lead earned more than a million dollars in revenue for the Postal Service. All it took was one clerk, who submitted one lead. In the photo, Belinda Wagner (center) accepts a Deliver the Brand certificate from Senior Sales Executive Ken Lenzy and Business Development Specialist, Pamela Hatchett-Finley.

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Postal teams help Brazoria TX Military Moms send Priority Mail shipments



 On July 7 and July 8, postal teams from the Houston District’s Inspection Service, Marketing and the Clute TX Post Office assisted the Military Moms and Wives of Brazoria, TX and helped mail more than 2,000 Priority MailClute-2 care packages to service members oversees. Even though it took two days, everyone agreed it was well worth the effort.

In the top photo, Military Moms, Wives, and spouses pose in Blue T-Shirts, and Mary Moreno, founder of Military Moms, stands third from the left. Postal employees include, seated from left are Allen McHenry, Postal Inspector and Clute TX Postmaster Natalie Barrios; standing in blue shirt, Sales and Services Associate Melanie LaDuke, kneeling and second from right is Sales and Services Associate Dawn Hamilton, and to the far right is Contract Custodian Oscar Ramirez. In the bottom photo, Postmaster Natalie Barrios poses in front of stacks of Priority Mail boxes, ready to be shipped.

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Marketing Reps provide new mailing guidelines


Business Service Network Representative Judy Jack and Mailing Requirements Clerk Brenda Moncriffe delivered new mailing guidelines for some of Houston’s major mailers during the 2nd Mail Seminar at UH-Downtown on June 30. Judy’s session included First Class Mail types, Addressing Mail, Cost Saving Practices for Certified Mail Return Receipt, and Tracking Mail – Priority mail, Signature Confirmation, and Certified Return Receipt. Brenda discussed the best practices on Ancillary Endorsement and guided the audience to find the resources they need for this service and when to use it. Both workshop instructors also answered questions after their presentations. In the photo, from left to right are: Brenda Moncriffe, Debora Evans, Manager of Shipping, Receiving and Mailroom, University Business Services, Judy Jack and Mary Torres, Director of Business, UH-Downtown.




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